Terms And Conditions

The BuddyHive.com web site and services offered are owned by Pace Productivity Inc., based in Toronto, Canada. “We” or “our” or “BuddyHive.com” or “BuddyHive” all refer to the service provider, Pace Productivity Inc. “You” and “your” and “buddy” refers to you or the person accessing this website and accepting our terms and conditions.

Your use of BuddyHive.com.com constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

BuddyHive.com is a communication platform that connections individuals, known as buddies. It does not participate in the interaction between buddies. It does not have any control over the quality or legality of the advice provided.

Advice provided by buddies or by BuddyHive.com coaches is not meant to be legal, medical, or other professional advice. Consult the appropriate professionals for those. Use of the service is at your own risk. There are no warranties or guarantees associated with the service.

Coaches connected with BuddyHive.com are independent and are not employees of BuddyHive.com.

BuddyHive.com trusts that users provide accurate information in their biographies and correspondence, but cannot confirm that users are who they claim to be. It assumes no responsibility for accuracy of information. Users who provide information that

Information that you share with buddies is confidential and between you and your buddy. Please do not share information that you learn with any others without permission.

BuddyHive.com.com may terminate your participation on the web site at any time without providing a reason.

BuddyHive.com is not responsible for the behavior of its users on the web site, or in other communications.

Expected Behaviour

As a user of this web site we expect you to be honest and fair in your dealings with the service provider, with other buddies, and with the community.

Behaviour that is not permitted includes:

  • Inappropriate language and swear words. If you wouldn’t want your mother to see what you are writing, you wouldn’t want a buddy to see it either.
  • Criminal acts or inciting someone to perform a criminal act.
  • Being mean to others – whatever form this might take
  • Advertising. You are not permitted to sell a product or service to users of the site
  • Conducting surveys, contests, or forwarding chain letters
  • Using automation or software to use the site or to interfere with its operation
  • Lying or misrepresenting your identity
  • Asking for sex. This is not the place.
  • Other language or requests that we deem inappropriate. We may monitor them and ask you to delete or re-submit them
  • Including any contact information such as a phone number or email address in your biography.
  • Creating more than one account for yourself.
  • Erasing past activities on the site. You have the option of hiding selected activities. If you want to remain a user but want to erase some or all of your activity on the site, contact us and under some circumstances we will erase your data. There will be a fee for this.


We are committed to ensuring your privacy, and only accessing information that is necessary.

BuddyHive.com collects and stores emails, requests, registration information, ratings, comments, referrals to friends, credits earned or purchased, and information needed to process credit card transactions.

We will send you emails to let you about changes and enhancements to the service we offer.

We will also send you emails indicating that you have been linked up with a buddy, and other emails related to your buddy requests.

We will also send emails related to your registration, and any other matters required to maintain the service or comply with the law.

If you do not want to receive emails from us, you should write to us to cancel your use of the web site because buddy requests cannot work without email communications.

Like other web sites, we use “cookies” to identify registered users and facilitate your use of BuddyHive.com.com. These remain on your hard drive.

The biography that you provide as part of the registration is available to all users to see, as are all of the tasks that you complete. You have the option of hiding these from public view.

Our private email system ensures confidentiality. Your identity is as confidential as your user name. We will not provide your identity to buddies Please use caution in revealing personal contact information to buddies who you meet. We do not screen users of the site. If you want to contact a buddy by phone, in person, or by other means, you may do so. But please exercise caution as you would for any new person you meet. BuddyHive.com will not be responsible with any damage arising from your use of the service.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of photos or biographies that users post in their profiles.

We reserve the right to monitor emails, to ensure that users are meeting the terms of the site.

A buddy that we connect you with may not respond, or may provide comments that are not useful to you. If the situation persists and you are not satisfied, contact us. We will review your correspondence with your buddy and offer a suggestion, or set you up with one of our coaches at no charge. This is our guarantee that you will have a positive experience on the site.

Intellectual Property

All material on the site is copyrighted. All material on the web site, including correspondence, tasks, feedback, and other material, once published becomes the property of BuddyHive.com.com, with the exception of specifically copyrighted material provided to the site by our coaches or other partners.

BuddyHive.com is a trademark of Pace Productivity Inc. and may only be used with permission. Contents are copyrighted. No part of this site may be copied without permission of BuddyHive.com.

We may quote tasks or ratings, or correspondence with us, or emails that you send. We will make every effort to disguise your identity. If you post a video on the site, we may use it as is for any purpose.

We may use data gathered on the site to conduct research and may report on our findings.

Both you and BuddyHive.com may cancel your use of the web site at any time. Refunds will be provided for credits that have been purchased, at the price they were purchased. Refunds are not available for services that are already underway.

Earning and Purchasing Credits

Occasionally BuddyHive.com may award credits that can then be used to purchase products and services on the site. These earned credits can be topped up with purchased credits. The amount awarded is set by BuddyHive and may change at any time.

Credits that are earned or purchased must be used within 12 months.

Credits cannot be transferred. If you wish to purchase credits for someone else as a gift or payment, you may do so, but you cannot give them some of your own credits.

Credits that are earned cannot be redeemed for cash. Credits that are purchased can be redeemed for their full face value at the time of purchase within 30 days of purchase.

Credits can only be redeemed for products and services on BuddyHive.com

You may decide to cancel your account with BuddyHive.com.com. If so, any credits you have built up are cancelled. We will no longer send you updates or notices if you cancel. We are not required to delete the information about your activity on the site – it remains part of our database.

The price for credits may change at any time. Also the value of credits that can be earned on BuddyHive.com.com may change at any time.

BuddyHive.com may change the web site and the product and service offerings at any time without notice.

BuddyHive.com may cancel credits that are earned in any way that are designed to artificially inflate results or in any other way are considered unfair to the integrity of the service offering. No cheating.

BuddyHive.com shall not be liable for any failure to perform any obligation due to an event beyond our control such as any Act of God, terrorism, war, political insurgence, insurrection, riot, civil unrest, act of civil or military authority, uprising, earthquake, flood or any other natural or man made eventuality outside of our control, which causes the termination of an agreement or contract entered into, nor which could have been reasonably foreseen.

The laws of Ontario, Canada govern these terms and conditions.

BuddyHive may change or terminate the site at any time and may make modifications to its terms at any time.

Because BuddyHive is connecting random users, we recommend its use for those aged 18 and over. Those over 13 may use it with parental guidance. Children under 13 are prohibited from using the site.

The site, application, services and content are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. BuddyHive makes no warranty that the site, application, services or continent will meet your requirements or be available on an uninterrupted, secure or error –free bases. BuddyHive makes no warranty regarding the quality of any products service, or site content obtained through the site, or the accuracy or reliability of any site content.