To Help Yourself

  • Introduce yourself to your buddy.
  • Give a bit of background on hour task, and where you are with it. No one else is as familiar with your task as you are.
  • Tell your buddy about how important your task is.
  • Let your buddy know how you are doing.
  • Give updates on your progress, but don’t tell long stories to your buddy
  • Adjust your plan if you need to. Things will get in the way
  • Aim to finish your task within a week. If it takes longer, keep in touch until it is completed.
  • Press the “My Task is Done” button when you are finished
  • After that, rate your buddy’s support and provide comments. Your buddy won’t see these until after he or she has confirmed your task completion.
  • By providing a “Useful”If you provide a useful comment, your buddy will earn a credit.
  • If your buddy is not at all helpful after you send at least two messages to him or her, write to us. If we can’t help, we will connect you with one of our coaches at no charge.

To Help Your Buddy

  • Always think about how you can help your buddy do really well
  • Encourage your buddy to break his or her task into a manageable piece that could be completed within a week
  • Suggest your buddy quantify his or her task. Put a number on in.
  • Ask questions
  • Suggest your buddy set a deadline to complete his or her task
  • Keep in touch
  • Don’t lecture, push, or cajole.
  • Reflect, observe, and support-
  • Allow flexibility if the task needs to be modified slightly
  • Offer encouraging support. Keep your buddy accountable.
  • Confirm that your buddy’s task is done at the end after he or she presses the “My Task is Done” button

To help others

  • Tweet your results
  • Post your results on your Facebook page
  • Refer others to join Buddyhive
  • Score others on the Leader Boards