About Us

Mark Ellwood is the founder of Buddyhive.com. Based in Toronto, he is an internationally known productivity consultant and the leading expert on how people spend their time at work.

In 1989 Mark invented the TimeCorder, a simple-to-use electronic device for tracking time spent on various activities. Since then, he has conducted user-friendly time studies for corporate clients. He shows organizations how employees can allocate their efforts better on their top priority activities. Mark’s philosophy is that more time means more results.

Mark is also an award-winning speaker, training organizations on how to improve their productivity. He is the author of two books; the hilarious and practical "A Complete Waste of Time" and the tips-filled "Cut the Glut of Email." He also regularly presents his research at time-use conferences, and has been cited in four management text books.

The genesis for Buddyhive came from Mark’s time management classes where he developed an innovative, yet simple technique to show people how to overcome procrastination. He successfully teams up pairs of people who commit to getting tasks done. Buddyhive.com expands on this concept, adding social feedback and cool interaction to make it available to the world.

Mark Ellwood inspires people to get more done.